Talmage Norvelle...

Friday, February 10, 2012

This session was short and sweet and he was WIDE awake the whole time :) That is fine!  His eyes were gorgeous!  I'm so glad we got to take a minute to capture some classic poses of mommy and Talmage!  You can see the love between them and it is so heart warming... Thanks for spending the afternoon with me you two!

Baby Dryver Jensen...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My first prop newborn shoot!  It was some hard work and planning but it all paid off!  I want to put out there that some post processing was done so when you see a hanging baby you don't automatically assume I just hung a baby.  Moms hand was on the baby and I edited it out.  I researched long and hard before doing some of these poses.  I have to say they turned out great!  Thank you Jensen family for allowing me to capture these sweet moments!  Dryver was so great to work with! :)

Mary & Chris Egan...

Where do I start with these two?  Mary contacted me months prior to these pictures, after finding out her hubby was deploying to Afghanistan, she was hesitant due to her emotions but honestly because of her emotions these pictures speak for themselves.  It was so easy to capture the love between these two.  Newly weds, Mary has a tough road ahead of her but I must say I am proud she worked up the courage to get these pictures done.  She will look back on them and LOVE them and remember she made it through this tough time.  :) 

Baby A..

Say hello to Baby A!  She is seriously so beautiful and sweet!  We had a rough time doing her pictures but finally were able to settle her down and snap some keepers!  She was born in November so we added a Christmas touch to add to the feel of the pictures.  They turned out great.  Love her! :)